What have you crafted this week? - (Week beginning April 20th)

Hi everyone!

Here is this weeks post to share all your most recent crafts.
I’d love to see all your new creations! :heart:

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Luggage tags, earrings, dog tags

Those are really nice! Beautiful colours!

Nice @Brittany_P! :star_struck:


Thank you!

I made a couple decals for my mailbox and front door thanking the delivery drivers for all that they are doing to keep us going during the pandemic.


That’s a great idea @K_Dunstan!

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As I’m into quite intricate designs lately, I need to test them and that led me to the idea to decorate the bathroom with the finished projects. So this is piece #3 (not sure how many more I’ll add, to be honest :slight_smile: )


Oh my! That’s beautiful @Polina :heart_eyes:

Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing! :smile:

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I love this! I left a card for my mailman thanking him for everything he’s doing and he said it made his day! The little things make a difference!

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This is beautiful!!

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That is stunning! I may have to get into the layered papercraft world.

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That’s a really sweet and nice idea!

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This is amazing!

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This is so kind! Good idea!

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Thank you! We have two different mail carriers and several other delivery drivers that come to our house so I wanted something that would reach all of them.

Thank you! I wanted something that would reach all of them, not just a couple that happened upon a note or sign.

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That’s awesome! And so kind of you!