What do you look for in scrapbook paper and designs?

I’m wondering, do you look for certain features of printable scrapbook paper and designs? For instance, certain measurements, I assume at least 300PPI/DPI, but what else? What says to you ‘these are good for scrapbooking’ when you buy digital items?

What types of things do you buy and what types of things do you avoid?

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@Tamara_S for me, I like my printable papers to be usable in a variety of ways. For instance - something with hearts - Will I be able to use it for something other than than Valentines Day, a wedding, something romantic, etc. Maybe with a puppy? I don’t like bright or busy. More than likely, I will want it to be in the background, not center of attention.

Not sure if that helps at all :woman_shrugging:


For me - something I can use both digitally and printed - 300 dpi/ 12x12 in size.
I love collecting papers - I have over 1000 different papers (been collecting for years) everything from Christmas to shimmers and oils.

I use them to augment, sometimes to make a specific background for a card. Sometimes a specific shape to cut out or stripes.

Quality - I look for a designer that I know makes quality designs. I had the unfortunate experience buying from a designer off Etsy who made antique papers - but did it in a way the slice lines showed up when printing. I learned how to clean that up but still, it was quite an eye opening experience.

Also - be careful of folks who make tiles (web seamless tiles) into full paper sizes. It used to be a common occurrence back early 2000s, and they look horrific at 300 dpi printed.

DB has amazing papers - I can’t even keep up with my selections on downloading from the PLUS section alone.


Thank you for your replies. :slight_smile: I collect them too and don’t just make them, but then I make other things out of them as well (like book covers).

I might start making 12 x 12 inch images. It’s something I’ve seen other people doing too.