What are you creating this week?

It’s already Wednesday, what have you been working on!?


Posted some of my my COVID fatigue designs to Behance. It’s a pretty crude layout, so I’m going to need to take some time to learn the software better


Turning this into a paper project. I can just see it layered in a frame in my bathroom lol
So going to try it out.


I’m going to attempt to assemble some 3d files I bought from Harbor Grace

Well, I received the horrible news I’m going back to work. Not that I mind work, but with a severe sleep disorder that means I sleep whilst I would otherwise be working, and asthma during a global pandemic, I’m absolutely terrified of going back. So, I’ve actually done a TON of things. Mainly marketing related, such as scheduling posts, getting in touch with clients about leaving reviews… but I’ve made some graphics too, which I’ll share here. I;ve also been making book trailers, which… well, it’s very, very fun!


@MidnightCoffee great designs! I really like the ‘No one killed Venus Wilson’ design!

I’d be terrified of going back into a workplace too so I don’t blame you. My daughter has asthma and it worries me even going shopping in case I bring the virus back to her.


Thank you, Stephanie! Yes, I liked that one too. Had a bit of trouble with the author over her editing it, but alls well that ends well.

I’m glad Im not the only one. I’m petrified. Not only that, but I’ll be on reduced hours, reduced wages, and I highly doubt the taxi will give me a discount every day. So my salary will be nearly halved compared to working just a few more hours a day. Very scary prospect.

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Я на этой неделе сделала свой первый календарь в векторе. Это заняло довольно много времени и он пока на русском языке, т.к. я живу в России. Но следующий календарь я обязательно сделаю на английском языке

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Earrings, earrings, more earrings…and trying to make mouse ears!

ok these are so adorable!