What are the profitable niches for SVG cutting files?

Hello folks, most of us currently have a lot more spare time and I’d love to discuss about some profitable/trending niches for SVG cutting files. Would anyone like to share some of their experience about this? Thanks in advance!


In the admin panel on the website you can see trending searches. That will give you an idea of what is trending with customers. You can also go to the crafters category and sort by trending.


Welcome to the forum @CraftlabSVG! A rule of thumb I go by for myself is to be 3 months ahead for seasonal designs so that way when they are trending you are ahead of the game. Right now it seems some top trends are Easter, mandalas, farmhouse, baby and wedding.


and Sunflowers are trending in groups!


I have been wanting to start trying to make a small side business with my crafting. I am just lost as how to go about starting. What is the method you started with? I am not sure if Etsy, FB or what I should start with. Any advice would be great! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great! Thank you so much @Kalie

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Thank you @Elizabeth

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@Lisa_C1 You can try with designbundles.net

Apply for your designbundles store: https://designbundles.net/design-school/how-do-i-create-a-storesell-my-products

Thank you!


Thank you so much!

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@Elizabeth … admin panel - I assume you need to be a designer to have one of those options? :woman_shrugging:

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Yes to have an admin dashboard you have to be a font/design bundles seller.


Hi Lisa! Social media in my opinion is a good factor in success and getting noticed. I started with a Facebook page and selling on Etsy. Once Design Bundles was launched I started selling there as well. The big key is getting your name out there, be involved in Facebook crafting groups, advertising your products, and making sure they are good quality. The thing I love about Design Bundles over Etsy or any other platform for that matter is you have more of an opportunity to be seen if you have great presentation and products people are looking for as their marketing is amazing!

If you are looking to apply for a store you will want to go here https://designbundles.net/store-register.

​This is what the approval team looks for when approving applicants -

  • A portfolio, or store link to a marketplace, that shows what type of products you’d sell on the site. It is ideal for the portfolio to have a minimum of 6 items to give a good idea of your skill and style.

  • High quality, well made products that include professional eye catching promotional images.

  • Original work, without infringement to copyrights or trademarks. It is important that the integrity of the products on the site is well kept, applicants with infringing work are not accepted.

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Thank you!! Some great advice! I am already involved in quite a few FB groups - I will have to research that a bit more!! Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:


Certainly, happy to help anytime!

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This is a good point! For sure join a few crafting groups and even selling groups to get an idea of what is popular. The end user (crafters and makers) will guide you on what is popular if you are stumped.

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This is always a fun topic. For me I tend to keep my eyes open when browsing around retail stores - graphics that are selling in retail stores are generally indicative of recent trends. If I see a lot of something around, like a cactus for example, I may design a bundle around that particular niche.

Also social media is a WORLD of knowledge once you know how to use it. The designer dashboard has a search trends feature which is also helpful.

Tools like keywords everywhere are useful when utilizing google.

You can also use Etsy search bar to try and find keywords/topics while inputting search information.

My advice is always make sure you are unique and individual. If something is SUPER popular then a lot of designers may be utilizing that niche, quote or idea. Try and add different spins/touches to items to make them “yours”


That’s a good idea!


Kalie, How does someone set up a portfolio? What does it look like? I know that sounds a bit amateur, but I’ve never seen one so I wouldn’t know how to set it up. I’m working on creating svg designs and mock-ups but have no clue how to go about creating the actual portfolio. I’m sure it’s not just uploading random images to some site. I would imagine each design would need a few images alone, so is it done as bunches of folders somewhere, a folder for each design? I’m still a ways from taking the plunge as I want to do it right the first time.

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Hi @Kathryn_W! Many designers will use Behanced to showcase their work. When applying for a store if you are currently selling elsewhere you can provide that website as well. :slight_smile:

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I’m not currently selling elsewhere, this will be my first attempt. I was under the impression that Behance was only for those using Photoshop products but I did some digging and found that it encompasses other design software. I found one DB portfolio with two items on a Moodboard which I think is what I need to create so I will use that as my example. I’m not to that point though as I’m working on creating my mockups. Thanks Kalie.

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