SVG Files for Cricut

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all keeping well :grinning: Could you please help me as I am new to creating SVG’s for cricut etc. and wanted to know about exporting. I have created seperate layers but wanted to know how you export them for best quality. Do they need to be flattened for cutting machines? Thanks in advance

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What program are you using to create your SVGs? I’m familiar with Inkscape and I don’t have to flatten them before saving.

I don’t flatten the SVG but I do create a compound path for each layer. I have found Cricut will sometimes move things around and some parts may get removed if I do not do this. I also recommend testing your designs on the Cricut software, it can do weird things to SVG’s sometimes.

I don’t flatten either. I do make most things compound paths, except for text, or pieces I think the customer might want to move around.

Thanks Laura I use Affinity Designer.

Thanks Anne that’s helpful to know. I usually sell my clipart in png and jpeg format but wanted to sell as svg as well.

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Thanks Shawna thats really helpful and useful to know.

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Wish I knew more on how to use Affinity Designer. I have it for the Ipad… but haven’t used it much. Hopefully someone can help you with your question. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Thanks Laura, I really like using Affinity and it is often upgraded which is really good :smile:

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I keep them unmerged/flattened for the most part. But some parts I will unite to make it easier for cutting, more organized.
Never want overlapping vinyl/HTV (my own personal pet peeve!) plus to keep it organized, hate when I have purchased other svgs and they’re in 50 pieces. Hard to figure out which piece goes where.
I use scal & AI for my designing.

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That’s good to know, thanks Jennifer :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anytime :two_hearts:

This is all new to me. What exactly is affinity? And is it free

Hi Jaime, Affinity Designer is not free but it is a one off payment of around $50. I’m really happy with it and I think they have a 50% discount on at the minute.

I delayer everything as much as possible before cutting vinyl, but I also realize that cardmakers need the full underlayers to create the three-dimensional effects that are popular with papercrafters.