We have some incredible ladies on our team who gave me this idea!!

In some of their communities they creating rainbows :rainbow: to place in the windows/doors of their homes, for the kids to search for, while they are out playing and walking with their families!

I loved the idea so much that I wanted to do the same. I know some are doing other items, like teddy bears, but I love the idea of the rainbow. A reminder that there will be better days. We included some dinosaurs too!!

I encourage you all to make a rainbow as well, to display in your home! If you do, please share your pictures here :smiley:


I love your rainbow. I am in the UK and its ‘sunshine’ theme next week. So we add sunshines to our rainbow designs.


This is such a beautiful idea! I wonder how chalk would hold up if we did it on our garage door? :thinking:


Oooh that’s a really good idea! Do you guys get a lot of rain? I did some chalk art on my drive way, and it rained that night :cloud_with_rain: :crying_cat_face:

We haven’t gotten a ton lately, but I could always send the kids back out. It will keep us busy :grin:

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That’s a great idea!
I’ve seen this but with a teddy bear and I liked it but my dogs get it and play with it every single time :rofl:


Hi Marta, welcome to the community! I have seen the teddy bear idea as well! Too cute your pups loves it! :dog: :heart:

we did rainbows too :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I’ve since been working on rainbow PNGs, they make me happy



Oh how cute! We live in the middle of no where so no one is passing by my house to do any rainbow or teddy bear search :pensive:

What a great idea this is :slight_smile: Lovely designs!

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I love your rainbow!! Thank you for sharing!!! :heart: :rainbow:

So lovely @Keeley_B! Welcome to the community! :rainbow: :smiley:

I love this idea! I’m planning on making one this week!

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@Sarah_Q That’s great!! I can’t wait to see :heart: :rainbow:

But would a rainbow brighten your day? If so, do it for yourself! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, that’s true. :wink:

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I got it done!![image|666x500](upload://wqOKrsrBh9DOmY2bZq19dlqI3UQ.jpeg)

We are doing the same in my small area. I think the group is now asking for Be Kind signs. I have one ready to go that I made - just need to get it on the window!

Be Well!

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I love this idea!!

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