Please help me identify

I am looking for a particular design that I know I have purchased and/or downloaded that is similar to I swear I thought it was this file, but when i’m logged on, it doesn’t appear in my purchases. Is there another design that is similar to this that came in a bundle with states. I’m thinking I saw it as a way to connect states either on canvases or mugs for either friendships or love, but for the life of me, I am drawing a blank! I am wanting to use it for something I am designing, but can’t remember what it is. Can you help jog my brain as to what file/design it is (especially the title) so I can make sure I’m not having a brain fart & just thinking I purchased it when I didn’t. If it’s not this same exact file, it is definitely a dashed arrow type file & I have another design in mind for it as well. PLEASE HELP!!! TYIA!


Maybe this one?

Hi @Ema! If you think you may have purchased this before you can contact our support team and we can try and locate it for you. I know there was a design like this in one of our recent $1 deals this year :slight_smile:

@AugustFire Yes!!! That is it! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! Now to just download it & try to make the lines look good on my design & not a huge cluster! LOL


Thank you @Kalie! I will do that in the future. I found it. This forum is AWESOME and I am so glad it’s been created!


@Ema You are very welcome!