Is there a way to check that we already have items that go in the event?

I know some members (including myself) have accidentally (re)purchased files, thus causing duplicates. It’s a little disappointing. Is there a way to find out (or check before purchasing) to say “hey - you already have this file!” Or something along those lines.



Hi @Emily_C

During the $1 Deal Event, features like our ‘already purchased’ warning are disabled to allow for the higher traffic volumes on the site.

We do announce all 30 deals 1 week before the event begins. We encourage users to cross reference their purchase history to confirm if they have perviously purchased any of the deals, using the search bar.

We understand duplicate purchases still will happen, and if you reach out to Customer Service within 30 days of the duplicate purchase, we can get them refunded :smiley:


Thank you! I’ll be a little more diligent! Thankfully I have only duplicated one purchase and felt silly when I did it! LOL


I’ve done this too (double purchase), but the team is there to help :two_hearts::raised_hands:t2:


I have many that I purchased twice but didn’t realize until I started to organize my files lol

Wow! What great customer service!


I’ve purchased a bundle (or three) that I have pieces of. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::blush:


Our curated bundles are a bit different. It is very common for customers to own at least a product or two that is included, as they often feature popular products – but typically the other products in the bundle will still be an incredible value. :smiley:


@Amy_S I’ve come to realize its usually worth it! :grin: Besides, its supporting a small business and that is always a plus!


I have double purchased so many products. Don’t feel bad. I think I own some fonts 2-3 times over at this point -_-

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@Elizabeth Oh no! I feel you there. But, with plus membership, I don’t feel as bad when I double purchase (plus supporting the designer), but wish I could save the money for other purchases. :grin:

Where can we find what will be in this Wednesday’s event?

@Molly_S they are up on the website now. There is also a FB group where they release sneak peeks leading up to the event.

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TYVM Ema :+1:t3::hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You’re very welcome! If you don’t have it already, look into the PLUS membership. You get a discount even on the $1 sale. It’s worth it!! :grin: