How to use mock ups in Silhouette design studio

*Business edition used.

1- Open Silhouette studio. Click on the open icon.

2- We need to import the blank mock up into silhouette studio. Go the library then import to library.

3- Find your mock up and open.

4- The mock up will appear in your library. double click on it.

5- If your mock up is too large for the design space click on the transform panel.

6- Reduce the size. I used 33%

7- Once centered on the design space you can then adjust the size with the handles.

I am using Pine with buffalo check mock up from

8- Add your design for the mock up. I am using text. Type your text.

9- Select the text option. Select your font. I will be using Glorydays from

10- Select the text.

11-Adjust the line spacing.

12- With the text selected, right click and weld.

13- With text still selected, right click again and make a compound path.

14- Move the text onto your mock up.

15- Change the text fill colour to suit your needs.

16- Change the line colour to match the fill colour.

17- Once you are happy select everything and right click - group.

18- It is time to save your mock up as a jpeg. If you are running on the free version of Silhouette studio you will need to use a clipping tool to take a screenshot of the design. The first thing you will need to do is remove the grid lines. Go to page set up and uncheck grids.

19- If you have the business edition, you can save the design. go to file - save as - save to hard drive.

20- Name your design and select jpeg. Save.

21- In the export window click on save.

22- Once saved you will now have a jpeg of your mock up.


So helpful!! Thank you! I was wondering how to do this.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Thank´s for this easy to understand tutorial!

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You’re welcome @Marie_A :grin:

Thank you for explaining!!

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You’re welcome! Welcome to the Design Bundles Community Forum so excited to have you join! :wave:t2: :smiley:

I want to use a mock up and put one of my saved designs on it but whenever I try that it just pushes the mockup into the background and I don’t know what to do. is my design not saved as the proper file formate? so this didn’t help me could someone help

If you right click on the layer that is on top do you get a menu with the option to move that layer back? If so this should push it to the back showing your design.

yes it does do that then for reason it is like looking i am just changing pages… like I am flipping through a book…back and forth…

what would I do after that?

Could you share a screenshot of what it looks like for you?