How to earn Plus credits on the website and community forum

Did you know that by communicating on the forum you are accumulating credits to be spent in the Plus store?
You are also collecting Plus credits for every marketplace and bundle purchase you make.

You could be getting:

  • 0.05 credits per post or response in the community forum.
  • 0.01 credits for every $1 spent in the marketplaces/bundles. This is available for normal users, Bronze and Silver Plus members.
  • 0.02 credits for every $1 spent in the marketplaces/bundles for Gold members.
  • COMING SOON - 0.05 credits for every product review.

You can see your Plus credit balance by visiting the Plus page.

We have a fantastic tutorial explaining how to spend and download your Plus files - see here
The credits can be earnt on Design Bundles and Font Bundles.
Plus products come with our usual Premium License.

Go check your accounts, you may already have some Plus credits waiting to be spent :slight_smile:


Hopefully that product review incentive will help more people review products!!! That’s awesome. Thank you for sharing the breakdown. I was wondering how my credits were changing

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wow, thanks for the info❣️
and I just found out I already have some credit :joy:

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@Ichaa - If you check out all the new Plus designs, you will be posting every day :joy:
So many beautiful new fonts.

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I always check the plus product section every day :joy:

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so long as the reviews are useful.
giving a cool or cute review isn’t as useful as knowing if it cuts well if the designs are well organized and named. are thumbnails included? If the item is something like an add-on or script for an application is there a video/video link or pdf included on how to use it.

I like to know this and let the designer and end-user know this in my reviews.

~~my .02 but worth .05 lol