How to create a text shadow in cricut design space

1- Open cricut design space. Select the text tool.

2-Type your text. Select your font. I will be using Dallon font from

3-Click on your text and then adjust the letter spacing.

4- adjust the letter spacing so all the letters touch a tiny bit.

5- Click on the text layer and change the colour of the text.

6- In the layers attributes window select the print option. Then click Make it.

7- You will see that the print and cut window will appear. Click continue.

*Note- you do not need your cricut machine connected at this point to create the shadow text.

8- Click on send to printer.

9- In the print setup window make sure that the bleed option is selected. This will make your text slightly wider.

10- Right click on the image and save.

11- Save your image as a PNG.

12- Go back to the design space screen and click on upload image.

13- Click on upload image.

14- Click on browse and access your image you saved.

15- Your image will appear on white with a black like around. click complex and then continue.

16- Use the magic wand to remove the white from your design. Next click on the crop tool.

17- Crop around your text. then continue.

18- Select the cut file and save.

19- Select the design and insert.

20- Your image is now into your design space.

21- Using the Snap rotate function, rotate your design.

22- You can now layer the original text over the shadow layer.

23- Select the original text layer in the layers panel and change the print back to cut file. your design is now ready to be cut.

If you want to print then cut, select both text and click flatten.That will convert to a print file ready to print and cut.


I’ve also used this method to do a knock out lettering.


I wouldn’t have never figured this out! Thank you so much!


I’m glad you’ve found the tutorial helpful!

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How would this work for knockout? I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

@Kitti_O, thanks, this looks helpful. I’m having problems at Step 10 however and was wondering if you could help me. Right clicking on the Print Setup screen does not bring up a selection menu like your image shows, for me. Does this method still work with DS for Windows Desktop?

Thank you! Great tutorial!

Hi Sonya, this has changed a little since the tutorial was made. At stage 10, you need to toggle on the ‘use System Dialog’ and select print.

In the print dialogue box, where it says PDF, select ‘open in preview’

Once in preview, select save as png, 300dpi

Thanks for the tutorial Kitti! Jessica - do you have a tutorial for knock-out lettering?

Great information! Going to try this this week.

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