How much do you charge for custom logos?

I’ve seen these range from inexpensive to hugely expensive. I know some people price based on what a logo is worth to the company/how large of a business they are, etc.

How do you determine how much logos should be? Or do you create logo sets or individual/bundles of pre-made logo designs?

I admit I’ve charged around $30 for a custom logo before, and I know many people would see that as way too little. I think it’s only since I took on a job that spun out over months that I realised I need to charge more for them (or just sell pre-mades), so I haven’t advertised custom logos since.

Personally for me it depends on the client. I generally try to determine how much of my time it is going to take and charge per hour, including tweaks and changes of the proof. My fees run from as little as $80/hr up to $200/hr depending on complexity and business size

Don’t sell yourself short.


Thanks :slight_smile: and that’s interesting to see how much you charge. I think you’re right. Usually I price my logos low because I want to get work and not be declined because of the price (when there are cheap options), but plenty of people charge more and there’s obviously work there.

The girl that created my logo, drew my yorkie from my vision and hand lettered the design.
Her going rate is around - 150-200.
I really think it varies and depends on how complicated, unique and the time it took to create the logo.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I think from this point on I’m going to charge a lot more for custom logos when I create them. However, I have other things on my plate right now so they’re going to need to sit for a while.

For me, if I don’t get AT LEAST $300, then its not worth it. I highly recommend a book called Work For Money, Design For Love by David Airey. It changed my mindset, and truly helped me appreciate the value of my time. If you don’t value your time, no one else will.

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Thank you, @TuNeuwin :slight_smile: I’ll look it up. Yeah I wasn’t charging anywhere near that, but I think it comes down to being my fault if I don’t charge enough for my work and then I’m short of money. It’s time I started charging more, especially for custom work.