How do I create rolled paper flowers?

Here is a great YouTube video on creating the rolled paper flowers


Do these take a lot of practice? I feel like I have not been successful at these but I have only made a few then moved on.

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Me too. I have watched several videos and just don’t like the way mine have turned out. :woman_shrugging:

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The videos seem so promising and I am all “I can do it” then “I can’t do it” after haha!

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I use a tweezer to hold the end when rolling that works for me after I roll it I let it loosen up a bit then it looks like a flower I found if it is too tight it does not look too good let us know how you do


Thats such a good idea! I never thought to “pinch” the end with tweezers. I will try it. I think your right, mine always seem to tight. Thank you!

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happy to help

They are pretty simple. Use cardstock with no shit edge and rightly mist with water and they roll easier.

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Oh great tip @Mary_T1! :heart:

I have found a quilling tool to be very helpful in making these. If you don’t have access to one, you can snip the loop end off of a needle, poke the pointy end into a cork or soft wood, and make your own.


Oh neat!

I love these flowers. I’ve actually made felt flowers in the same way before by hand cutting a design in a similar shape. This was project about 10 years ago.


Oh that is so neat that it works for felt too!

great suggestion!!

After rolling and glueing a rose I use to bend the rosepetals with a tweezer. You have to practise a lot before you see progress sp don´t give up the first times!

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Yay!!! How exciting!