Hello from the Sierra Nevada Mountains

My name is Karen. I am a a scrapbooking kit designer. I currently do not sell in a store. I am taking a break. I am retired and living in Northern CA with my hubby. I have been digital scrapbooking since 2012.


Hi welcome to the Community Forum! Excited to have you here! :wave:t3: :smile:

Welcome!!! Digital scrapbooking Sounds really cool, I’m guessing making creative themes to match photos!!! It’s ok to take a break and regroup or creat new ideas!!! The best to you!!!

Karin_S, yes. I also create books and have them printed for a yearly reunion I attend with three high school friends.

Wow I love that!!! You are very creative and versatile in skills!!! Well all I can say is welcome home :wink:

Hi Karen, Judy from Indiana here! Wow… you’ve been scrapbooking for a long time now, I’m sure you enjoy it…

Hello and welcome Karen. How do you like digital scrap booking? Is it anything like regular paper scrap booking? I’ve never tried it.

I like digital scrapbooking better than regular because I don’t have to clean up after working with it. No scrap papers, stickers, etc., laying around. There are several companies that will print your layouts or books. I have the MyMemories Suite but do most of my work in Photoshop. When I make books I create in Photoshop and have Artscow print the book. I wasn’t as happy with my last Artscow order as it was done in China and wasn’t as good of quality as in the past from them. I might try a different company this time. I create a book for a reunion I attend each year with three friends from high school and we each get a copy of the book. This year was to be our 6th year but with COVID-19 that was canceled. If you would like to see some of my work you can check out my blog www.kjddesigns918.wordpress.com or my Facebook Page KJDdesigns.


Hello and welcome to the forums! I understand that digital scrapbooking is better in many ways than regular, as it’s less messy and more portable. I still have tons of craft items even though most of my design work is digital now. Sometimes I do like to get out my paints and create physical items though. Do you find yourself ever having that urge since you only create digitally now? Great idea to have a book printed each year. What a lovely way to share with your friends. Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

Hiiiii! I am a designer but my love for crafts started with scrapbooking 20 yrs ago! Still have all my albums :two_hearts:

Hi! Its so pretty up north!!! I like scrapbooking too!

Hi @Karen_D4 Welcome to the forum - Happy to have you here :slight_smile: