FAQ: Do you need to buy a separate license to use items commercially?

This is a very common question; customers purchase items, then wonder if they need to purchase a license separately in order to use those products commercially.

The answer is, no – what you’ve purchased from Font Bundles/Design Bundles IS the license!

When you purchase digital products of any kind (not just fonts and graphics, but also downloadable movies, software, e-books, digital music, and more), most of the time you aren’t buying the product itself; you’re buying a license to use the product. This is the case not just at Font Bundles/Design Bundles, but at any marketplace where you buy digital goods, whether you’re getting an e-book from Amazon, or music from iTunes, or software from Microsoft!

Think of digital products like booking a hotel room: you aren’t actually purchasing the hotel room itself; ownership of the room still belongs to the hotel. You’re purchasing the right to use the hotel room according to a specific set of rules and guidelines. The room is then provided to you so that you can use it under those rules. Same with renting a car – you don’t buy the car, you’re buying the right to use that car according to the rules set by the car’s owner.

With digital products, you’re purchasing a license to use them; the files are then available so that you can download them and use them according to the rules of that license.


I’ve never seen this explained so clearly before :raised_hands:t2::heart::heart_eyes: Thank you!!

Thanks for the explanation

So if i bought a design and say put it on a mug and sold it, then that’s fine because i’ve bought the right to use that image?

That’s right. If you made a purchase from Design Bundles, you haven’t actually bought the design. You’ve bought a license which allows you to put the design onto physical end products, which you can sell.

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