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What setting do you use to cut 651 vinyl for detailed cuts? I have tried outdoor vinyl, premium vinyl, cardstock and some others and adjusted the pressure to less on all but I keep getting small stuff that is getting messed up. Any ideas would be great!

Can you check your blade? Is it worn? There could also be vinyl stuck in there.

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That’s what I thought too. I have checked everything - no extra vinyl stuck and I just put in a new blade as the one I had was old. Didn’t help :0(

Hello, Cheryl!! :slightly_smiling_face:
When cutting an intricate design…say skinny fonts or detailed mandalas…I always recommend that you use the Washi Tape setting.
Also, as stated above, be sure there is no debris on your blade and that your blade is sharp.
I’ve found, as well, that making sure the material is firmly stuck to the mat, with no bubbles is most helpful :blush:

I hope this helps!!
Have a great day and stay safe!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks, I’ll try that!

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Question using the washi tape setting do you put more pressure or do you just use default pressure? I’ve tried it before and it doesn’t seem to cut through good for me.

I have used the default setting and it has worked for everything I have tried so far. It was the best tip ever!! No more wasting vinyl.


If it’s not cutting through, you can either increase the pressure or add another cutting pass. It can be frustrating dialing in the settings. I hope you figure it out!


Hi Kim!! :slightly_smiling_face:
It depends on the material you are cutting. I’ve never had any troubles with cutting vinyl of any type on the default washi tape setting, but if you are cutting, say, cardstock, I would recommend changing the pressure or cutting more than once.
I hope this helps!!
Jacki :blush:

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You could try washi setting. I have used that in the past on intricate stuff and that helps a lot. If your machine has a setting to slow down the cut speed, you could try that as well. Also, make sure your blade is clean & not dull. :slight_smile: