Cricut Maker tools

Who in here has used the new maker tools? I got the engraving one and haven’t used it yet. Would like to know if anyone else has gotten it and likes it? I have a few designs I’ve gotten from design bundles and thinking about trying them out engraving them.

Hi Kim P. I couldn’t wait to get the engraving and debossing tools. I thought they’d be so great to use. The more I looked for projects, the more I realized they were mostly hype. So far I’ve only seen the engraving tool used on acrylic and metal. It’s very time consuming, and the results aren’t that great from what I’ve seen. The debossing tool works ok on paper projects. I’ve seen some neat designs with that one. Both of those tools are just sitting in my box, though. I really haven’t found a project worth my time and energy to use them. I hope to try them out soon. I didn’t buy the perforation tool. I couldn’t imagine I’d ever use it for anything. Good luck!

@Kemet_G That’s sad to hear. I actually sort of hacked together an embossing tool on my Explore Air 2 that worked really well. I used it to emboss both paper and thin aluminum sheets. It’s a bit embarrassing, though… laugh

It made pretty things like these, though!

I have yet to buy those as well…almost did when they first came out, but decided to wait…glad I did! :slight_smile:

Ok that’s pretty neat! What will you do it? I imagine you could add that to a card. Not sure what else. I love creative people! Just maybe I’ll dig that tool out and figure out some things. :smiley:

@Kemet_G I don’t know if the Cricut embossing tool would do this, but you can read what I used to make it do what I wanted! I needed a squishy texture between the aluminum and the cutting mat, so I made a sort of embossing sandwich: I put a sheet of fun foam on a green cutting mat, then taped the aluminum onto the foam.

I also used a nail art dotting tool to emboss, because it’s what I had on hand. I’m going to try and get the same type of setup going with my new Cameo 4. When I get it working I’ll do some video of it. :smiley:

As for what I could do with it… Well, jewelry immediately comes to mind - i can see having cutouts as pendants or earring pieces. I can imagine them as the center of a beaded piece, sort of like this:

or as the center of embroidery, maybe something like this…

I can also imagine using it in some sort of multimedia canvas, or in scrapbooking, or maybe as an accent piece for bookbinding, maybe something like this…

Oooh, or you could use it as old fashioned tin tile ceiling tiles in a miniature house, like a dollhouse!

… umm, I get carried away sometimes. Sorry. :blush:

You are so talented! I love these ideas.

Aww, thank you, but these pics aren’t of things I’ve made! One day, though… :smiley:

I’ll have to post some photos of the other projects I’ve done. I experiment in a lot of different areas, so I think I’ve learned a little bit about so many different things! It really helps me think outside the box and do strange things!