Clarification for use

Hi there! In regards to fonts received from Font or Design Bundles, I understand the basics of what we can can’t do. I know we can make our own cut files using said fonts as long as they aren’t editable. I know we can sell our cut files on DB. But are we allowed to sell those cut files on Etsy or Redbubble? Thanks!

So long as you’re using the font in a design it is not an issue to use POD for fonts as long as it’s a word and not the entire alphabet

Also you can’t take the font and then overlay a pattern and sell it like that. It can still be extracted and used.

Is that helpful?

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@ShootingStarSVG Yes, very helpful! Thank you! Overlay a pattern… is that literally a pattern on top of a font? That seems boring and unoriginal lol. I love doing quotes and monograms and fun stuff. Oh! And DB has some cute clip art you can add fonts too! So many things!!