ATC cards

Can anyone tell me the best place to get acid free ACT cards? Or are they just as easily made using cardstock paper such as Bazzill?

@Holly_H I’ve never used Bazzill so I can’t speak from experience. But I know others that do. I believe Bazzill is around 270 GSM. Cardstock at Michaels is usually 65lb pound paper- which is approximately 175 GSM. So there is a bit of a difference.

I personally like using greeting cards or cereal boxes. I try to look at it as “its not what it is, its what it can be.” Sometimes I will back it with a piece of cardstock if I want more color of thickness.

Hope that helps!

I just use 110lb cardstock paper - and buy it in a ream.

For color - I buy packs of blends from Michaels or Joanne’s when they have sales.

To make your ATC more acid free, consider putting a coat or two of gesso on surfaces like thin pieces of cardboard from cereal boxes and such. I’ve even used it on brown paper bags when creating mixed media. Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks all. Yes Gesso was my next option. If I can avoid it to save on costs I’ll do that first. In this case Gesso may be best.