Any requests for SVG designs?

I am looking to create some designs! What are you looking for?

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I am looking for a business card template so that I can cut our my business cards on my cameo 3. Can you make that?

Let me see what I can do! :slight_smile: Feel free time message me so I don’t lose our convo!

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@SugarBearStudio I would LOVE some tow truck svgs - but not the cute kid kind. Cute is okay, but more aimed at adults. My boyfriend is a tow truck driver and am always on the hunt for some cut files I can make into a shirt (or anything else) for him or me. :blush:


I’m on a Cricut, so I can’t export, but you can read about my experiments with business cards here and try them out for yourself. At the end of that post there are links to two posts with designs for cardstock business card holders.

Oh I would love business card templates!

Thank you!

You can search for some on the site

I would like someone to develop some SVG’s for “Babies of the pandemic 2020”. If history is an indicator we know with so many people sheltering place there will be many babies born around November.


I would like to see files for 3d popup cards.


Tow truck SVGs, got it! On my to-do list! :hearts:

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@Debbie_M Hey! Maybe @WispyWillowDesigns from wispy willows migt be able to help you out there, I know she’s been working on some 3D designs! :slight_smile:

Here is her link if you want to check out some of her current 3D designs:


I just searched on Design Bundles and found a bunch of 3D popup cards! Here is the link:

Thank you for sending me the link I had no idea about these cards.

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Please share if you come up with something? My daughter is the dispatcher for a towing service would love too make her some shirts :+1:t3::woman_shrugging:t2:

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Oh this is a hilarious idea!

Can some of the designers add a “Mum” alternative to their Mothers Day graphics for Aussie and English customers.


My sister-in law will be becoming a grandmother in about a month. I asked her what she will be called and she said GG (for gorgeous grandma :blush:). I see all types of variations of Grandma, Grannie, GiGi but no GG. I know it seems like I could just put to G’s together but I really like the new floral ones I have seen that are ready made.

I created an infusible ink onesie for my sister’s hairdresser with a COVID theme

While I overprocessed a free coronavirus raster image for the center design, the onesie was done as a Print and Cut, and manually coloring in the letters and virus image.

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@Josephine_H if you have found any Mom designs you really like to look of, it may be worth sending the designer a message to see if they would mind creating an alternative. I know lots will be willing to help.

I have Mum designs on my to do list :smile: I’m British myself so my designs will always have a british spelling included.