All Things Glowforge!

Give me some reasons why I should get a Glowforge and any reason why I shouldn’t!

I’d love more information about Glowforges!


Well, I can tell you that I love mine. If you have the money, go for it. I make lots of jewelry, signs, door hangers, etc. I make gifts for my family and friends and I sell on Etsy and in person. If you have design experience, then you should be able to learn it rather quickly. I can offer you a discount code if you’d like. I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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What is your favorite part about having a glowforge? And do you have any issue that it can’t cut objects over 2".

My favorite thing is that if I come up with an idea, I can produce an item so quick. Some things take longer than others, especially if you are doing a heavy engrave. But you can do many items at once, such as earrings. You can combine crafts, like if you use vinyl, you can use the laser to cut out the background and the vinyl to design on it.

I don’t feel bad about the size limitations. I have never really wanted to do tumblers and such.

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What are some things you have made with your glowforge that I wouldn’t have thought it could do? I have seen the ads on fbook and whatnot, and I want one so, so bad but I don’t even know if I 100% “get it” :joy:

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My last hobby was woodworking. I tried to make benches, headboards, blanket ladders, etc. None of that turned out like I wanted. Your cuts had to be straight, your measurements had to be precise, I just couldn’t quite get things right.

With my Glowforge, the computer and the machine let you make things with an accuracy that I enjoy. The lines will be straight, the measurements will be correct. No, I can’t make the big items I did with woodworking, but that’s ok.

The ability to engrave my items is fun. I can personalize things, make custom orders. I made a business card holder for a friend who had just started a new business. I took his business card and engraved his logo on it and personalized it with his name. He truly loved it.

I work for a fire dept. and everyone has challenge coins. I designed coin displays for the guys to purchase that have their name, title, dept. patch. They are very popular and I plan to make them for the police and military, too.

The possibilities are endless. I love creating with this tool and it has really stretched my creative imagination.


oh my goodness these are stunning! and so polished and well presented. love the display well done!


WOW These are gorgeous! Amazing job!

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Love those!


Ohhh, I’d LOVE a Glowforge. No room for one, unfortunately.


Mine sits on a table in the corner of my dining room. I had to find a place near a window to vent it but they don’t really take up that much room.

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The glowforge looks amazing! But you can onky cut to a certain size, right? Is there something better for if you want to make like the pretty wood names?

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You can only cut I believe up to 2” in width, however if you have the Pro you get the pass through slot and you can create any length piece.

Aaaah - I want a Glowforge soooo bad!! I have my husband on board, but now it’s time to save for one :heart:

Great work on your projects everyone!! These are incredible!! :clap: :clap:

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Oh thats good to know, thank you!

I bought it for business and a hobby. In light of this pandemic, I have had the chance to make ear savers for healthcare. The price for 50 of them is $6. I have solar energy and it didn’t effect our electric bill. We ended up donating them.

Making 3D objects. Draftboard is cheap!

I have made door openers for people who don’t want to touch grocery store doors.

It’s easy to use. My 2 year old presses the glowing button. You load your files just like a Silhouette & Cameo. Upload SVG, Choose Material and Settings.

Easy to profit. You automatically become an affiliate and you can make up to $500 per Glowforge referral.

It’s big. The compact filter doesn’t work well, from what I’ve heard, so venting it with a dryer vent or window is best.

I was afraid of using my Glowforge, with all the hype of it catching fire. It does happen. You do need to stare at your laser the entire time it’s working. I’m comfortable with my machine now, but it took a while!

The Glowforge proofgrade materials are pricey (2x) compared to other places.

Their customer service is slow. You’re better off asking Facebook groups.

You need to test your settings on foreign objects, such as engraving a flask. The videos make it look so easy to do, but you may sacrifice a whole product just to get the right settings.


Thank you for your list of pros and cons! :heart::heart: Very appreciated!

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I agree with Barton Market. I absolutely love my Glowforge. My favorite part is I can customize and create unique items at the push of a button.

Need a gift? Upload an SVG and cut a custom keychain, earrings, wood sign, etc. You have one ready in minutes.

The Glowforge is also perfect for small businesses with low to medium production. High production businesses will be better off with a faster machine (also a much higher price tag)

If you look around materials can be fairly affordable. We have been able to donate ear savers and custom acrylic awards for my sons school at a reasonable price.

The one thing to think about that isn’t talked about is the smell. Cutting acrylic smells like a nail salon. Cutting wood smells sort of like a small campfire. You need good ventilation and ideally will need to upgrade to an outside fan and air purifier. Even with this in place I still find I cut with additional airflow in my craft room. I definitely wouldn’t place this machine in my living room.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much! @BartonMarket has told me a little bit about the smell and I am also apart of some Glowforge groups who talk about it a little.
I just wanted more information before I EVENTUALLY get one. I first one to have our own house and not be renting an apartment. Especially because the Glowforge would be in my living room if I got one now. LOL.

I hear ya! I drooled over the Glowforge for about a year and a half before I got one. As soon as you get the right set up go for it! You are going to be addicted.