A guide to the glyphs panel and using alternate glyphs in Corel Draw

I love using the Glyphs Tool in Corel Draw! It makes it easier to see all of the alternates, and regular characters in one place. To access the Glyphs tool you can either press CTRL + F11 on your keyboard or go the the Text Menu > Glyphs at the bottom of the menu

To add in a glyph to your canvas you can double click on the glyph to wish to use and it will appear for you -

Looking for the font in the example? You can find it here - https://fontbundles.net/craftylittlenodes/184161-unicorns-a-unicorn-name-maker-font


thank you for the tip.

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Appreciate the tip!!

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Welcome @Margaret_K and @Nathaly_B! Happy to help, I use Corel Draw frequently so if you have any questions let me know :smiley:

Hi @Kalie
Thank you for the tips
this is very helpful,
I didn’t understand how to access glyph in CorelDraw,
5 months ago, I unloaded one by one the menu in CorelDraw and I found it. :smile:
at that moment my coreldraw was very messy,
but now it’s back to normal,
Greetings all
and thanks

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Hi @Alexe_C! Your’e welcome! Happy to help anytime! If you have any tips or questions you would like to share feel free to start a thread :smiley:

Hi @Kalie
I just posted on " Tutorials & Guides "
if it’s an outdated tutorial, just ignore it :grinning:

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I would love to learn more about corel draw. Thanks for posting the information. I look forward to seeing more about corel draw and how to use it.

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Hi Tammy! I will work on getting some more tutorials added for you! If you have any particular questions feel free to create a topic :smiley:

Thanks so much. I just bought the program and haven’t played with it yet. I am a very beginner…so I need a lot of help…LOL

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Certainly! If you think of anything let me know I can help :blush:

Thanks this was very helpful!!!

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Certainly, happy to help! :heart: